Columbus PCBbox upgrade
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Below are pictures of the PCBbox upgrade. This is due to Columbus going bankrupt and PCBbox having issues that can only be fixed if I have the password for there software to adjust things like clearance height etc.
I have replaced the spindle motor twice and last one did not last long, they are also extremely noisy. So this was replaced with a SycoTec HF 4010 60,000 RPM spindle motor also from Columbus when they existed.
As I am destroying more boards than is acceptable, I have decided to upgrade system with a new controller. And see if the machine is salvageable for continued future use.
The new controller is a 6 pack unit that comes from Bart Dring with a cheap 3 channel DD8727T3V1 from eBay as space is limited.
The Output interface board was made on my Voltera and has the original connector and USB-B connector fitted the 8-way connector has from top 12V, GND, with LED also from original PCB. Com and NO contacts from Relay 2. Out1 and com from 10V module Spindle motor on off control. Then 0 to 5V and com for spindle speed control.
Relay 1 controls output on AC socket for vacuum control.